Child abduction

When a child is abducted, life is turned upside down; more so for the child, but also for the parent left behind. When a child is abducted and brought to a foreign country, the situation becomes even more complicated, since dealing with two countries also means dealing with two distinct legal systems.

The incidence of international child abduction by a parent is continually increasing, as family travel has become easier and biculturalism within families has become more prominent.

In such cases, the advice and recommendations of a confirmed lawyer will be invaluable and will allow you to face the situation head-on, no matter how emotional or distressing, because time is of the essence. With substantial experience accumulated over 30 years of practice, of which the last 20 were spent dealing with international child abduction, the Heyeur Jessop team will help and advise you throughout this long and difficult process.

I do a lot of prevention work. I try to calm the left-behind parent's concerns and offer him or her my full support throughout the ordeal.

Me Sonia Heyeur

International child abduction requires expert advice and great caution.

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